3.5 Quart Air Fryer And Multicooker

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Enjoy tasty and healthy foods in style with the MegaChef 3.5 Quart AirFryer and Multicooker.

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Enjoy tasty and healthy foods in style with the MegaChef 3.5 Quart AirFryer and Multicooker. With 7 Pre-programmed Settings in Burgundy. The clean, rounded edges of this unit make it a stunning addition to your home and kitchen. Whether you plan to entertain or are preparing a warm meal for your closest family and friends, this unit won't be the item you choose to remove from your countertops!

The innovative hot-air circulation technology allows even cooking of your food from all angles, which means you get crispier crunchier foods even with minimal cooking oils or completely oil-free! This device will do much much more than fry, and with the growing popularity of these amazing items, you won't soon run out of recipe ideas.

Not only is it a healthier alternative, but it will also spare you from dealing with unwanted odors in your home. During the cooking process, when the unit is securely closed, it emits very little of the aromas we've all come to expect on cooking days.

The Digital Touch Panel makes it easy to operate your new AirFryer and Multicooker! There are even 7-pre-programmed cooking settings to ensure that your most popular fried foods can be made with ease and peace of mind. In addition, you have the ability to manually set your cooking program so that you have complete control of the cooking process.

Fry, Roast, and Bake your favorite foods hassle-free. Simply load the tray with your foods, choose a setting, and enjoy healthy and delicious meals in no time! The revolutionary technology of the MegaChef 3.5 Quart AirFryer and Multi-cooker, offers you a faster cooking process, resulting in juicier and healthier foods.

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